Q: I would like to place an order, how secure is the Pay Pal payment process?
PayPal is currently used by more than 100 million members and merchants worldwide as their preferred online payment processor. Pay Pal is more secure than telephone orders, since credit card information is never revealed to anyone, or to any other party by Pay Pal. Once you place your order, we simply receive a confirmed notice from PayPal of your order with a description of goods, along with successful payment. In return, we securely assemble your order and send it on its way to your destination.

Q: I would like to order from your site, but do not have a PayPal account can I still make a purchase?
A: Yes you can. At checkout you will be given a choice to login (only if you are a PayPal account holder) or you may click on a link shown bellow the log-in section and check out as a guest using your credit card. It’s that easy! All you do is fill in the payment details and your order will be on it’s way.

Q: I'm located within Canada / USA and have placed an order. How soon should I expect my product?
A: Orders received prior to 1:00 p.m. on any business day (Monday to Friday), are packaged and ready for dispatch that same evening or within 24hrs depending on stock, and will usually arrive to your destination in 1-7 business days(Canada) or 4-10 business days(USA) and d It’s something extra we do here at Centerpin Angling to ensure the product out to you in a timely manner. Please refer to our shipping and handling information posted in our "about us page".

Q: Do you offer a purchase return guarantee, In case of unwanted, lost or damaged goods during the delivery process?
A: Yes. Should any product(s) become damaged during the shipping process, a full refund or exchange will be offered including the shipping costs. This includes unwanted product(s) returned for any reason, provided they have not been used. Our products are also carefully inspected and undergo a quality control process prior to shipping to avoid any unnecessary problems with performance and cosmetics upon receipt. Should a problem arise with any of the products during the warranty period, you may contact us so that we may direct you to the nearest manufacturers service center for warranty privileges. (please refer to our Return Policy/Guarantee in our "about us page" for details.

Q: I’am ordering from the USA and noticed your prices are in canadian currency (CAD), how do I know what the cost would be in US funds?
A: Our payment processor will automatically convert the payment to your currency based on the exchange rate at the time of your purchase. This is automatic, and it will appear in your account summary (paypal account holders) or on your next credit card statement mailed out to you by your financial institution, or both. This automatic currency conversion also applies to orders placed from other countries in their applicable currency. We also have a curency converter in our home page were you can do the conversion before you shop on the most curent market rate.

Q : I’am located overseas and would like to place an order, are the shipping rates posted on your web site applicable to orders placed from beyond the borders of USA & CANADA?
A: Yes ..the shipping rates posted in our “about us” page are applicable to destinations to the United States and Canada. However they also apply to overseas destinations by placing your order. In addition our site will automatically detect your destination and also adds a surcharge cost for overseas handling/shipping service in addition to our North American rates as listed and mentioned in our about us page. As well ..some products in our site have a price section just for overseas customers to cover any extra costs and streamline your shopping experience from us. Please feel free to place your order from overseas location, and should an issue arise as a result to any overweight or irregular sized item we will contact you for your sole option to pay any extra shipping charges or if not within budget you can cancel your order and receive a full credit without penalty or any cancellation charges. Its that simple ..we are here to extent our service and products to overseas customers as best we can and we value you as a customer. Should you have any questions please also feel free to contact us through our contact us page link (top left)

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