main line spooling on your reel


You may add this to the cart along with your purchase of a centerpin reel from us. You will also need to add backing line & main line to the cart as well from our selections, and we will then professionally spool it all on and deliver ready for you to mount on your rod and go fishing down time! Please indicated either left hand or right hand retrive so that we may spool it correctly. i.e. Select left hand retrieve(if you hold your rod with the right hand and retrieve with your left) or right hand retrieve (If you hold the rod with your left hand and retrieve with your right).

Select Retrieve

Price: $14.95 CAD


You may add this to the cart along with your purchase of the Okuma DRII reel, and we do the conversion by disassembling the reel and doing all the necessary work to have it set-up for right hand retrieve. Note: You only need to select this option if you do not want to do the work yourself, as instruction in the box are included. How easy it is to do? This depends on your mechanical & tinkering capabilities and coordination. The reel's clicker assembly of small parts and spring does need to be taken apart and reassembled correctly.

Price: $24.95 CAD

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